Welcome to my website. My name is Anestis. My main fields of interest are programming and administration of GNU/Linux systems. As an advocate of stability and minimalism, my main system uses Slackware Linux. Other interests include web development and studying about various IT fields. I am a self-taught learner and my education in these fields is based on several books and online courses. I am also a university student in Physics Department. Though I haven't yet completed my degree, I have watched several university courses on Physics but programming and linux are my main focus now.


Screenshot from project 1
A simple contact manager written in Perl


The Linux Command Line
A great introduction in the linux world by William E. Shotts. Though, not covering much of networking, it remains the king book of cli for beginners.
Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook
Written by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent R.Hein, Ben Whaley and other contributors. I think this is considered the bible of unix (and like) system administration. I have the fourth edition which has almost 1300 pages. A true beast! It is very well written and I have to say, as I am no native English, I was amazed by the rich vocabulary of the book so I had a dictionary aside in order to look up words! Considering the technical scope, this is not for beginners. I had some trouble to grasp some concepts and searched to some other resources. But, the book is full of examples and the networking part is very descriptive. Last, it's true that you can read it before night sleep :)
Learning Perl
Written by Randal Schwartz, Tom Phoenix and Brian D. Foy, this is my first touch with the Perl programming language. I had some programming experience with other languages, but Perl blew my mind away! And the thing is I studied the 2nd edition, not the 7th which is now. Anyway, it is for beginner programmers and it teaches you the basics of Perl. Variables, loops, basic data structures, subroutines, regular expressions, I/O operations, file and process management, formats, databases and cgi programming, all explained very well and detailed. Once you finish the book, you will understand why it is so powerful with string manipulations. And it's difficult not to fell in love with that language with all the freedom it provides to the programmer. Some say that this is Perl's weakest side. Anyway, a must buy for any programmer.
Learning the vi and Vim Editors
Written by Arnold Robbins, Elbert Hannah and Linda Lamb. The old war of the editors is between emacs and vim. And as I haven't learned about emacs (yet), I stay with vim. This is my favourite editor and, though it demands a little learning curve, it'll reward you with its excellent shortcuts and speed of editting. The book is very organized, explaining first the basic and advanced operations of vim's father vi and ex editors and then keeping forward with vim and the rest children, such as elvis which I use regularly too. It's a classic and needs to be in every programmer's library.
HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
Written by Jon Duckett. I think it's a great skill to design websites. And it's easy. HTML is not a programming language. If you have love for art and design, you can create great websites with HTML and CSS and this book is phenomenal in teaching you how you can do it. It is very well organized and structured, with lots of examples and pictures to see the results. The thing I also like about the book, is the fact that the author mentions the best practices about structure and style of a site. It is also great as a reference when you need it. I recommend you buying it together with its big brother "Javascript and jQuery" (see below).
Javascript and jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development
Written by the same author as the previous entry, this book is great at teaching you pure, vanilla javascript in a practical manner. Inside the browser. It is written in the same style as its brother, so it's very enjoyable to read. It's progressing step by step, explaining the basics of programming having always the browser in mind. The book also haves a thorough and detailed description of jQuery, the most famous javascript library and other related technologies such as ajax. It lacks the recent progress in web development but I think it's still relevant today as it was when first published. A must have for everyone interesting in web development.
CompTIA Linux+ / LPIC-1 Cert Guide (Exams LX0-103 & LX0-104/101-400 & 102-400)
Written by Ross Brunson and Sean Walberg, this book is ideal for someone preparing for the LPIC-1 Certification and Comptia Linux+. For those not knowing what LPIC-1 is, it's the first level of a top class Linux certification (LPI), recognized by top employers and affordable by anyone. The Comptia Linux+ certificate comes from the famous organization CompTIA, which provides certifications on various IT fields. Now, besides the preparation for the exam, it is a great book for learning the basic aspects of Linux. It includes chapters on booting, file and process management, filesystem operations, shell scripting, sql, networking, system administratition and others. It is very well written and rich with examples and exercises. This is where I got a bit of introduction into networking.
Unix Shell Scripting Tutorial
This is a great series of videos introducing the unix (and linux) shell through bash scripting. It includes several exercises to practice and a big project throughout the entire course. I encourage everyone to check it out!
Slackware Linux
The operating system of my choice. It is based on GNU/Linux and, after a lot of linux distro-hopping, I ended up with this system the last five years. It helped me learn a lot about the inner workings of linux. It's old school, devoted to unix philosophy and that's exactly its strength. In our fast-paced modern world, it's important to keep a balance between bleeding-edge, constant-changing software and stability. I think this is where slackware stands. Did you know that it is the oldest active linux distribution? You can find documentation and stuff related to slack at its website.
Great sites that provide online courses and certificates from top institutions